Q: Why I cannot download the original image?

A: Download original is not available if the image is uploaded as copyrighted. In this case only it's author may download it in original size and quality.

Q: When uploading I need to select Image license. What option I should pick?

A: First, you need to be sure that you own the image(s), or you have the right to upload them here. Second, check the Terms of Service to understand what rights you grant to us. Next you need to select one of these: Creative Commons, Public Domain or Copyrighted. 

  • By selecting Creative commons you agree to make image(s) available for use from others under Creative Commons license, after proper attribution.
  • By selecting Public Domain you allow others to use your image(s) in any way they want.
  • By selecting Copyrighted image(s) are available to our services. End users cannot download the original image.

Q: I believe that I found a a bug! What to do now?

A: Use the Contact form to report it. Please describe as much accurate where and under which circumstances it happens. That will help us to reproduce and fix it. Thank you!

Q: I forgot my password. Help.. ?

A: Use "Forgot password" link. It's available on Login screen. Enter the email you used to register here. You will receive email with password reset link.

Q: I didn't receive my activation mail!

A: Check spam folder in your mailbox. If message is not there wait some time. 

Q: I forgot my password and used "Forgot password?" link, but I didn't receive message with password reset link.

A: Check spam folder in your mailbox. If message is not there wait some time. 

Q: What are the size limitations when I upload images?

A: You are allowed to upload no more than 80 images per day, up to 10 images in each pass. Size of each file should not exceed 2 MB. You can set up to 5 tags.

Q: Upload process finished successfuly, but my images don't show up.

A: Check for them in your profile - they may be held for moderation.

Q: I uploaded image, but it is automatically marked as adult!

A: Each image is checked by our automated content-checking system, and it decided that. If you believe that our system is wrong please contact us.

Q: What image formats are allowed for upload?

A: You can upload inages in JPEG, BMP, GIF and PNG formats.

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